allaboutthatchickddlovato said: Could you help me? My best friend is struggling with her mental health and I was wondering if you could help me get demi lovato to tell her to stay strong? I wanna spread #StayStrongEva on twitter and try to get demi to help her? Please help me out, she's not doing well at all and I need her to be okay, Eva's twitter is @evamakandee

i don’t use twitter babe i’m so sorry BUT PLEASE HELP HER

hi guys, im sorry im not here like i was before but i had a heart break u know? my bf break up with me and im almost dying???? but i need a time to me, i’m srry im rlly srry and i’ll came back i promise.

Demi at Live with Kelly and Michael (x)

"Having feelings for someone isn’t worth it, unless they make you feel special… irreplaceable… beautiful… Like you’re the only one." -@ddlovato

David Letterman tells Emma Stone about his metaphysical encounter [x]