And if there’s anyone out here tonight that doesn’t feel beautiful enough, or doesn’t feel worthy enough… You’re wrong. Because you guys are all so incredible. And if you’re dealing with any of the issues that I’ve dealt with, don’t be afraid to speak up, because someone will be there for you. And if you think, you’re alone, put on my music, because I’m going to be there for you. - Happy 22nd Birthday Demetria Devonne Lovato

sirskate said: Love your blog, please follow back :3

i dont follow back honey, just if i enjoy the blog ^^

blackdevilx said: Follow/Follow? :-)

no babe, sorry

and just to remember, today is a happy day, happy birthday to my Demetria, the girl who made me stong ^^

i think i’m gonna do a giveaway of all my blogs, including this one! if you want some of them just send me an ask telling me what blog you want!

some are here
including mamacitta and taysalison and in this cantstopdemi i’m not sure if i’ll give away bc i have others blogs here that i don’t want to do a give aways of them, but if i decided that i’ll… who knows

don’t forget me to send me an ask with the url that you want. :)

i thought i was ok, but damn had someone already had a heart break?

allaboutthatchickddlovato said: Could you help me? My best friend is struggling with her mental health and I was wondering if you could help me get demi lovato to tell her to stay strong? I wanna spread #StayStrongEva on twitter and try to get demi to help her? Please help me out, she's not doing well at all and I need her to be okay, Eva's twitter is @evamakandee

i don’t use twitter babe i’m so sorry BUT PLEASE HELP HER

hi guys, im sorry im not here like i was before but i had a heart break u know? my bf break up with me and im almost dying???? but i need a time to me, i’m srry im rlly srry and i’ll came back i promise.

Demi at Live with Kelly and Michael (x)